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" 1,700 "
That’s how many people died in Syria this week, it’s bloodiest ever — and yet, you heard nothing about it (via micdotcom)

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Points on the Israel-Gaza Conflict That Tumblr Overlooks

Look, I’m pro-Palestine and pro-Israel. That being said, I do NOT condone Israel harming innocent civilians. I also don’t condone Hamas firing rockets at Israel. Call me crazy, but I’m pretty moderate on the issue. Things so many people seem to look over:

1.) Netanyahu and the Israeli Government don’t represent the interests of the entire state of Israel:

Saying you oppose Israel’s right to exist because their military is harming Palestinians is like saying America has no right to exist because we invaded Iraq. I don’t agree with everything Israel does, but at least I’m intelligent enough not to generalize. In fact, most Israelis I know think Netanyahu is a right-wing barrel of crazy.

2.) Israeli doesn’t equal Jewish:

Almost a quarter of Israel’s population (ISRAEL ONLY, not even including Palestine) is Arab, including Christians and Muslims. Oh, and the majority of the world’s Jews live outside of Israel. Some support and some oppose Israel. In fact, nearly all the world’s orthodox Jewish community opposes the state of Israel.

3.) The media will always seem biased to someone:

Fox News and CNN tend to be more pro-Israel. MSNBC, Al Jazeera, and the New York Times tend to be more pro-Palestine. Some media is varies in its leaning, but the only sure thing is it will anger someone. People who support Israel AND Palestine both complain about how the media doesn’t show their side enough. Hmm.

4.) Stop abusing the word “genocide”:

Stop calling this a genocide. It’s a use of the word in vain. Of 1.8 million Gazans, 800 dying in battle (however unfair a battle it is) is not a genocide. It’s tragic and horrible, yes. Another Holocaust? No. The deliberate rounding up and extermination of 11 million human beings that aren’t White Christians is genocide. Don’t make Zionist-Nazi comparisons, just don’t.

5.) Let people have their opinions:

The biggest issue the SJW community on Tumblr has is it doesn’t allow for dialogue. Stop with the ad hominem arguments. Stop with the needless attacks on people’s inboxes. Stop with the anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. It is, believe it or not, possible to disagree respectfully without calling someone a “Zionist pig,” “terrorist,” or “murderer.” I’m looking at you, people who hashtag “#fuckisrael” or “#fuckpalestine.”